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About us

We’re a multidisciplinary team, from management trough programming and development, design and digital marketing, ready to bring the lights on smart ideas, with business potential.

We mix our knowledge and experience with innovation and a big motivation for digital transformation, new technologies and new ways of making business online.

Our Values

Knowledge and experience

Our background and team experience on national and international products for big brands and companies, will always be in place during client collaboration, since consulting phases until to the monetisation.


New technologies and new paradigms. We're always updated and formatted with the latest tendencies, to provide to each client only the best solutions, appropriate to each requirements.

Digital Transformation

We're living the Digital Transformation era. We want to easily transform business ideas or projects into winner concepts, making them prepared and profitable for this new digital ages.

Our Process

Monetising Model
UI/UX Design & Development
Testing and user acceptance
Derivables and Monetising

The Pipe Process

All starts with an idea.
Let’s improve it and make it a real profitable product.

Tech Stack


Mobile apps

Native or hybrid mobile apps, we’re here to bring the lights on your MVP.

Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps, Websites or Intranets, our team will make sure to deliver the best for your business


Escalate your sales and profits by bringing your business online on a digital store.

Design and Digital Marketing

Give a new look and feel to your product or use our digital marketing and SEO expertises to bring your project more closer to your costumers.


Be part of our team.
Learn and prove your value. We'll be more than glad to see you grow with us while enjoying building nice and challenging projects.

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